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Global Food Ingredients Supplier

Formerly known as US Niutang, NiuSource™ launched in 2015 as a proactive move to reflect the exciting changes that we underwent as a company. Along with the rebrand, we saw major developments in our product and service offerings.

In the years since, NiuSource has enjoyed significant growth, increasing our customer base and expanding our global presence.
We have enhanced and enriched our products, adding new capabilities and embracing the technological advances sweeping through the Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical, Food & Beverages, and Industrial industries.

NiuSource™ is an integrated supplier with a strong presence across the entire value chain, from key Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food & Beverage and Industrial Intermediates.

Based in Chino, California, work through a network of dedicated global sales offices and major global manufacturers.
We operate to the highest standards.

Specializing in Food Ingredients Across Many Industries

NiuSource™ specializes in and distributes a diverse list of food additives; these include the sweeteners: NiuVia™ (Stevia Reb-A), NiuFruit™ (Monk Fruit), Sucralose, Ace-K, as well as a multitude of vitamins and proteins.

Our major markets include Food and Beverage, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and the animal feed industry. All of the sweeteners and food ingredients that we distribute are manufactured to the highest international standars, and undergo auditing by customers and third-party certification companies.


NiuFruit - Monk Fruit Extracts by NiuSource Inc. More Product Information including brochure and technical documents will be available shortly. Please contact our staff for more information at this time. Thank You.


NiuSource Inc. has launched a bitter-free, NiuVia Stevia. The NiuVia brand utilizes cutting edge technology from MycoTechnology's MycoZyme. The result is an all-natural , non-GMO and chemical-free process to remove the bitter, metallic aftertaste that is commonly associated with the plant based sweetener, stevia.

Our beliefs

Core Values

Knowledge Is Power

Through our name is changing, our commitment to providing you with the highest quality products remains the same. Our new business model allows flexibility in sourcing additional products from multipler suppliers. This creates expanded opportunities to support your growing needs in the global market.

We Care About Our Environment

We take pride in knowing that both our clients and customers care about our planet. We maintain that all of our clients meet our environmental requirements to ensure maximum efficiency and energy conservation.

Our manufacturers invest in water treatment facilities and recycle as much waste as possibile. Our manufacturer's facilities are also continuously monitored by local authorities and have to meet our strict standards. We are pleased to say that all of our manufacturers have proudly attained their ISO 14001 certification.

We Care About Quality

Quality is one of our core foundations; we believe that quality is the benchmark by which we are judged. All of our sweetener and food ingredient facilities have attained accreditation from thrid party auditors and many blue chip customers. All of this is overseen and managed by our dedicated Quality Control Team.

A Pedigree in the Sweetener and Food Ingredients Market

NiuSource employs over 18 years of experience and continued success in the industry. We have a long and proud history of distributing sweeteners and food ingredients. This history has enabled us to distribute sweeteners and food ingredients of the highest quality.

This history also gives our customers confidence they are working with a reliable partner. Whether it's direct from one of our sales officers or through our well-established network of global agents, you can rest assured that we care about every product batch.

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