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NiuSource Inc is well-known in the food ingredients industry based on our 19 years of service experience in the American market. We are representing several reliable Sweetener manufacturers as well as other food ingredients producers to service our long term customers; NiuSource always keeps inventory in the United States, this shortens the lead time down from the international shipment. In some cases, we can even offer 24 hours of urgent local delivery at extra freight costs.

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Why NiuSource?

Reliable Sourcing

Our approach to sourcing ensures consistent, high-quality products. We work with the latest market intelligence, and source only from cost-effective, reliable vendors. 
Don’t see what you need on our products list? We can source any ingredients your company may need through our vast network of manufacturers.


We help our customers grow their product lines and not be limited by packing capacity, machinery, expertise, and workforce. Our services include reducing lead-times for entering the market, ensuring labeling and regulatory needs are met, and providing shipping expertise.


NiuSource Inc. is always happy to audit and create a customer action plan according to our customers’ individual requirements. Every business is different and NiuSource understands this. This is why we offer the most comprehensive solutions for every industry.

New Product Development

​We work directly with our customers from generating and commercializing new products to helping them grow their existing market share. We’re there for you from the initial meeting to a successful launch.

Needs Analysis

We take pride in accurately assessing and problem-solving for our customers’ business needs. We work with a variety of budgetary limitations and market constraints.

Private Labeling

NiuSource turn-key solutions include project management, packaging, logistics, and distribution. We give our customers the tools to best leverage their branding and market share value. We offer the most customized solutions to meet your company's’ demand.

Freight Consolidation

Our service helps customers lower their total shipping costs while helping to increase shipping security. Let our Freight solutions at NiuSource help your business deliver your goods on time, every time!

Document Management

The NiuSource team will coordinate and oversee the storage, retrieval, processing, printing, routing, and distribution of electronic and paper documents securely and efficiently.


NiuSource offers a wide array of packaging options for your diverse product portfolio. Find the best choice to best protect the freshness of our products.


We plan, implement, and coordinate all of the details for your NiuSource orders. Our professional team members ensure that the entire logistics coordination follows through smoothly.


NiuSource handles everything from administrative to physical functions, like the storage of goods and materials. We also provide the documentation needed for receipt, identification, inspection, verification and more.

Quality Assurance

Quality is one of our core foundations; we believe that quality is the benchmark by which we are judged. All of our sweetener and food ingredient facilities have attained accreditation from third party auditors and many blue chip customers. All of this is overseen and managed by our dedicated Quality Control Team.

Sourcing Special Ingredients

Our reach expands across the globe; for this reason we are able to provide our customers with the latest, high-demand products around the world. All of our products and ingredients meet GFSI standards.

World-wide Shipping and Logistics

We service our domestic customers from three warehouses across the United States; We also ship or air the products from factories to South America. Plus, we work with bonded warehouse in Mexico for Latin customers.

When Quality Matters,
Who Will You Trust?​

Contact our NiuSource team today and learn more about the advantages of doing business with our Global Ingredients operations. You can call our Global Office at (909) 631-2895
(United States - California).