What is CoCrystal Vitamin E?

January 27, 2020

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What is CoCrystal Vitamin E?

Crystal E™ is a highly concentrated Vitamin Epowder using a breakthrough technology.


The developer and manufacturer of Crystal E™,CoCrystal Pharmatech, are experts in co-crystallization technology.

Crystal E™ utilizes the power of crystallization to covert the sticky 95% d-alpha tocopherol oil an 85% stable,free flow Vitamin E powder in its bioactive form (tocopherol). This innovative technology uses amino acid to aid in the crystallization of Vitamin E oil intoa powder resulting in a material that has not been chemically modified and hasgreater stability and bioavailability than the currently used ester forms.


Preliminary study in vivo showed that CrystalE™ is four times better absorbed that its acetate ester form and x16 better bioavailability than synthetic Vitamin E.


Crystal E™ has much better stability and flowability than the succinate ester form Vitamin E powder, can significantlyreduce the overage and production coast. Other key benefits of Crystal E™ are:


* Reduction of tablet size due to its high potency

* Excellent flow ability and compressibility

* Compliance with new FDA label regulations

* Compliance with clean label requirements 


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